Community support that scales

Provide web3 native support, with LLM and community experts.
Embedded into your community, powered by tokens.

Community LLM

LLM tailored to your community content

Reward contributors

Where community members get rewarded

Onchain explained

Explains onchain activity to your community

Humans when you need them

To help your community during those tricky moments

Communities using VillageDAO today

MetaMask are leveraging their community to scale customer support

Privado are using VillageDAO to support decentralised identity

blueconsult are scaling tax services using VillageDAO are using VillageDAO to decentrlize the film industry

Linea will use VillageDAO to support their zk-rollup. Coming soon.

How VillageDAO helps

Airdrops & campaigns

Feel in control at moments when it all feels like madness in your community

Improve retention

Happy community members who get help are more likely to stay with you

Community engagement

Engage and reward the ones who helped you along the way

Fits to your needs

Community that helps each other

AI for common issues

Integrated into your website

And into your discord

Built by the team who provides support for Consensys