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Your users with questions are channeled to Experts on the Village chat platform
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Your community members can answer user questions on your behalf for rewards

Illustration of the expert's application, where they answer questionsIllustration of the Expert's rank

Experts are ranked according to their reputation. Better answers drive a better reputation

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Brands deposit tokens monthly to incentivize Expert contributions

Designed for dapps, DAOs, and NFT communities


Your community's needs scale exponentially with your brand's growth, but your team's ability to support them only scales linearly. New users get stuck and engaged users are underutilized


Empower your most engaged and trusted community members to earn tokens and grow reputation by helping new users onboard, learn, and make use of your brand. Community members get rewarded as experts, and new users are converted to power users, scaling your brand's success.

Why VillageDAO?

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Attest trusted community members to become experts and answer questions on your behalf

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Grow your support rewards and experts with the growth of your product

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Align incentives to engage your community

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Reward and encourage your community members doing the hard work of helping members

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As a web3 native organisation, VillageDAO values decentralised governance

What is VillageDAO and
Why Does it Matter?

On May 17, 2022 at Permissionless, the largest ever DeFi conference, Consensys announced the latest step in its strategy of contributing to a global paradigm shift towards Web3 technologies: VillageDAO.

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What is VillageDAO?

VillageDAO is a decentralized community success protocol that empowers, and rewards engaged community members to provide support on behalf of web3 products and services. The platform is designed to meet growing customer needs by tapping into the collective knowledge of engaged and impactful community members.By utilizing the benefits of decentralization and the power of a community, VillageDAO aims to revamp customer success in web3.

How does VillageDAO work?

VillageDAO enables communities (Brands) to support themselves by offering a platform where appointed individuals from a given community (Experts) provide customer service via chat to the rest of the community (Users).
Brands - web3 product/project (dApps, NFT projects, DeFi protocols, DAOs, L2s, wallets and possibly all other types of communities with support needs) with an established community. They fund pools of rewards for Experts.
Experts - experienced, recognized, and trustworthy community members who are well-equipped to provide customer service. They receive rewards for their efforts.
Users - anyone from the community or a newcomer who needs support or has a question related to the Brand. They receive customer service from Experts.

Why VillageDAO?

VillageDAO is the most efficient way to engage, reward, and delight your community by enabling it to support, onboard, and upskill itself.

How does it work for Users?

VillageDAO provides a platform where users from your community can get customer support. Whether that’s a problem they are facing, a question about functionality, or just having trouble with onboarding, VillageDAO allows them to reach appointed community experts who can support them on demand.

Do I need cryptocurrency to interact with the VillageDAO platform?

No, you don’t need any cryptocurrency to interact with VillageDAO as a user. You just need either a MetaMask wallet or your email through which you will be able to connect to the platform and ask your question.

Is it safe?

Safety is a priority for VillageDAO and it is heavily embedded into our development process. All Experts on the platform are vetted by Brands, but this does not mean that there is zero risk in using the platform. As always you should remember not to share sensitive personal information, your private key and your seed phrases with ANYONE!

Is VillageDAO designed to work only for MetaMask?

No, VillageDAO is not designed to work exclusively for MetaMask. While MetaMask is the first product onboarded on the platform, VillageDAO's vision extends beyond a single community. The platform is intended to support various communities by offering decentralized customer support within the web3 ecosystem.

Isn’t this supposed to be a DAO?

VillageDAO's vision is to decentralize customer care. Central to this vision is the intention to operate in a DAO-first manner, incorporating the principles and benefits of DAOs. However, at its current stage, VillageDAO may initially function in a more centralized manner to establish traction and involve a sufficient number of participants. This approach will allow for efficient operations and gradual adoption. As VillageDAO gains momentum and attracts a substantial user base, it will aim to transition fully into a DAO, empowering the community to make collective decisions and govern the platform's activities. The ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem where the DAO's principles of decentralization, community governance, and equitable participation thrive.

How will VillageDAO work for Experts?

VillageDAO provides a platform for experts to monetize their knowledge by assisting their community members and answering their questions. Experts apply to become an expert for a specific brand. Their applications are reviewed and approved by the brand. Once approved, Experts receive a soulbound Expert NFT as proof of their status which also provides access to the VillageDAO platform so they can engage with consumers to provide support. Experts earn rewards based on their contributions and ratings each season. Seasons are the time epochs in which funding occurs. Each season starts at the first day of the month and ends at the last. The Rewards Pool for a season can be funded during the previous season, and it is going to be distributed after it ends.

How can I apply to become an Expert?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Expert within the VillageDAO community. While we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, please note that the application process for new MetaMask Experts is currently closed.

We are diligently reviewing the applications we've received so far and are in the process of selecting our initial cohort of Experts. Rest assured, we'll be sharing more information soon regarding the status of current applications and when we plan to open up new application rounds.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay connected with VillageDAO through our official channels and keep an eye out for announcements. We're excited about the prospect of welcoming new Experts into our growing community, and we'll be sure to provide updates as we continue to expand.

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to potentially working together to enhance the VillageDAO experience!

How much does it pay to be an Expert?

The rewards experts earn are not fixed. Several factors determine them:
• Funding from the particular brand within the season (time epochs in which funding occurs)
• Contributions made toward helping the community
• Rating of the expert which are provided by the community members they served
• How many other experts are supporting the particular brand and their performance

Based on those factors, rewards are calculated each month and distributed among experts for a particular brand. The reward pool is a smart contract which can currently hold USDC, WETH and WBTC (on Polygon).

Where are the rewards coming from?

The reward are sponsored by the brands which use VillageDAO. Funds are allocated season (time epochs in which funding occurs) by the brand and distributed among the experts after the end of each season. It’s up to each brand to specify the reward pool for each season. The reward pool is a smart contract which can hold

Can I get a demo?

How does VillageDAO work for Brands?

VillageDAO is a platform that allows you to onboard experts and enable them to answer questions asked by your community.Experienced users from your community can apply to become Experts. Once approved, the Experts receive a soulbound NFT which allows them to access the VillageDAO platform and provide support to your community. VillageDAO’s smart contract holds reward pools for Experts. The rewards pool are defined by you for each season. Seasons are the time epochs in which funding occurs. Each season starts at the first day of the month and ends at the last. The Rewards Pool for a season can be funded during the previous season, and it is going to be distributed after it ends.VillageDAO’s smart contract holds reward pools for Experts. The reward pools can hold USDC, WETH and WBTC (on Polygon). The rewards pool are defined by you for each season. Seasons are the time epochs in which funding occurs. Each season starts at the first day of the month and ends at the last. The Rewards Pool for a season can be funded during the previous season, and it is going to be distributed after it ends.
Brands have to possibility to manage Experts by onboarding more or revoking existing Experts from the platform.

Why would I use VillageDAO?

VillageDAO allows Brands to scale support and engage their community by commissioning customer care to trusted members.By decentralizing customer care, Brands empower and reward their most impactful community members to help others.

How much does it cost to use VillageDAO?

VillageDAO takes a percentage from the monthly reward pool distributed among Experts to fund the platform and the protocol development.

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