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Customer support, but make it web3

Joel Willmore
26 Jul 2023
5 min read

Today we’re launching VillageDAO: the very first web3-native, decentralized customer support platform. This is a project into which we’ve poured considerable effort, deliberate thought, and love since we first announced the project in May 2022, and we’re excited to finally release it into the wide world. 

Establishing a sophisticated, functional DAO from scratch is exceptionally difficult. That’s why we’re taking things in stages: the first and only brand on VillageDAO will be MetaMask, at least for the immediate future. It feels natural for us to partner with MetaMask, a product that has already contributed so much to web3’s promise of a decentralized, community-driven world. 

Leveraging our shared mission as builders in Consensys, this initial partnership will help us fine-tune the inner workings of VillageDAO and ensure everything is configured to capably accommodate incoming brands in the near future. We’re also fast-tracking this process by temporarily borrowing some staff from MetaMask’s existing comprehensive support structure to serve as brand experts initially. Taking this step means we won’t be held up by attracting, recruiting, and selecting a cohort of MetaMask experts from the public from scratch, and affords us a buffer period during which we can verify that our experts’ experiences are smooth. 

Nevertheless, experienced, confident MetaMask users are welcome to apply immediately to become experts. Bear in mind, however, that we haven’t yet calibrated the rewards mechanisms, so we can’t yet indicate how much you might expect to earn from the support you provide. We’ll publish details once we’re ready to welcome the first cohort of new MetaMask experts to the platform, and once we’re sure the rewards system distributes the rewards fairly. The application process is designed specifically for MetaMask. Keep in mind that other brands might have their own unique methods for onboarding experts. While we welcome all applications, it's important to note that becoming an expert isn't guaranteed. The selection process is competitive and subject to change. We're committed to assembling a team of top-notch experts, so there might be additional selection rounds as we seek the most qualified and dedicated individuals.

The next step beyond recruiting experts and arranging their rewards is to broaden the scope of VillageDAO to encompass additional web3 brands. We want to use this initial rollout to refine and improve the platform before we do so. However, if you’re a web3 brand and you’re interested in using the power of community to upgrade your users’ experience, get in touch and consider following us on Twitter to stay up to date. 

The entire VillageDAO team is more than excited for the launch, and to welcome you into the first iteration of decentralized customer care.